Making Wells Completely Safe

Wells are fascinating features, always improving a property's character value, providing they are safe and manageable. Our well covers not only make wells completely safe, they also aesthetically highlight the feature while solving the practical issues of owning a well. For residential or commercial premises, our well covers can be simple, sculptural, formal or architectural, they are designed for your needs and tastes.

  • We use galvanized or stainless steel due to the usually damp environment of wells.
  • Where glass is required in the design, we use the correct type, strength and thickness to comply with safety regulations. Toughened for strength; hydro-cut to the right shape (to accomodate odd shapes); and laminated, so that in the case of an extreme event it will hold together in one piece.
  • Ventilation is always included to prevent condensation and algae build up under the glass.
  • Secure access is also included to maintain the well shaft, replace bulbs and to clean the glass.

Well Cover Design Range


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