Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a pond cover? Send us the details about your pond and we'll give you a quote, if you're happy with that book a visit.  We then send a design proposal and if you'd like to go ahead we ask for a 50% deposit payment.  We then make your cover and get it finished to the agreed specification.  Finally we come and fit the cover, taking great care of your pond and surrounding planting.

How long will a cover last? Most of our covers are made from galvanized steel, which is then powder coated.  They will last for around 30 years, then can be re-galvanized to give them another 30 years, so indefinitely.

What are pond covers made from? Most of our covers are made from mild steel which is galvanized and powder coated.  Stainless steel is also an option giving a shiny finish.  Some people choose to go for a rust finish, but this isn't suitable for fish ponds.  We use high quality steel and our welders are all coded, a qualification which is renewed every 2 years.

What finish options are available? We usually recommend a clear lacquer or a dark grey powder coated finish on galvanized steel covers, however, there is a wide range of colours available so anything is possible.  The other options are leaving the cover to rust naturally or shiny stainless steel.

How can I measure my pond, it's a funny shape? Don't worry about measuring it in great detail, we will come and make a template to ensure the cover fits perfectly, but an accurate length and width helps us to give you an accurate quote.

How long does it take to make? It usually takes 4 - 8 weeks from the receipt of the deposit payment

How safe are they? We have completed an FMEA (Failure, modes and effects analysis) This document states where and what the hazards are, who or what is affected, the effects of the failure and recommended actions. We use this document for designing pond covers that are safe and functional and will pass any health and safety inspection.

Our FMEA ensures complete safety. Our child safety products effectively deter unauthorized access and correct dimensions and materials are used. The FMEA also guides the design process considering all users including the transporters, fitters (and any future removers), pond dippers, guardians and maintainers of the pond and cover, the pond habitat and surrounding area. A copy of our FMEA is available during an initial site visit.

What if children climb on the cover? An injury resulting from falling off is less severe than death as a result of drowning. Our covers are strong enough to support the weight of several adults.  We still recommend that children are discouraged from climbing on covers as part of their general pond safety understanding.

Will I be able to see the pond? Yes, raised covers give a great view of the pond, the eye can see beyond the bars.

Can the frogs get in and out? Yes, we always consider wildlife in our designs and just exclude the things you don't want.  Our predator proof designs can exclude herons, otters (although we suggest just feeding them more fish!!), mink, seagulls and cats.  It would be very difficult to stop grass snakes on most ponds.

How much do they cost? Our minimum charge is usually £1,000, most garden pond covers are between £1,000 - £5,000.  We are VAT registered.

Do you have any ready made covers? Only the Bugzone at the moment, please see the Schools section.  We are working on some for private gardens though!

Do you work in my area? We work all around mainland UK, we're happy to talk about projects further afield and see if they are feasible.


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