About Us

We are a family business, based in the beautiful Severn valley in Worcestershire, England. From here we have good access to work throughout the UK. We have been making ponds of all shapes and sizes safe in gardens and in schools for over ten years.

Our FMEA risk analysis (our design bible) guides us to produce safety covers that work without fail, and our love of design, gardens and all things natural make our covers a great choice for people who want safety without spoiling the appearance of their garden.

Our pond cover brief is always:

  • to provide a stress free, enjoyable commission which will solve your problems
  • to make the pond completely safe
  • to include easy, secure access to the whole pond, which enables you to keep your pond in great condition
  • to ensure the best possible pond visibility which means you can either look at the cover or focus on the pond, so the cover does not obscure the pond. We have special construction and finishing techniques for this
  • to consider elegance, quality and refinement in the design
  • to supply a cover that looks as if it should be and always has been in situ

If you have any concerns at all about the commission process, how the cover would look in your garden or how you would live with it, day to day or over the following years, please feel free to get in touch to discuss in more detail. We won't leave you with a cover or situation you are not completely happy with.


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