Strength & Safety

A risk assessment has been carried out for Creative Pond Covers Limited by Wemtech (who specialize in CE marking and product compliance) in the form of a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). This document states where and what the hazards are, who or what is affected, the effects of the failure and recommended actions. We use this document for designing pond covers that are safe and functional and will pass any health and safety inspection.

Our FMEA ensures complete safety. Our child safety products effectively deter unauthorized access and correct dimensions and materials are used. The FMEA also guides the design process considering all users including the transporters, fitters (and any future removers), pond dippers, guardians and maintainers of the pond and cover, the pond habitat and surrounding area. A copy of our FMEA is available during an initial site visit.

What if children climb on the cover? An injury resulting from falling off is less severe than death as a result of drowning. Our covers are strong enough to support the weight of several adults.

The highest quality designs and materials are used. The galvanized steel will last for more than thirty years. It can then be regalvanized providing a fantastic investment for schools and other child care environments. All our work is galvanized and powder coated here- http://galvanizers.co.uk/



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