Safe, accessible, and simple to look after Find out more about the Bugzone Pond

What children love...

This will be a really cool way for us to learn all about science, maths, communication and much more!

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Why teachers love...

We can’t think of a better educational tool than a wildlife pond, for the demonstration of life processes and living things.

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Useful to know...

The Bugzone supports the curriculum, offers great value, is unique product, and has been tried, tested and loved by schools.

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What children love about the Bugzone

The bug shape - it's just for fun! It has been designed to inspire you about all the creatures that live in the pond. Because it's safe “We can get really close and see all the tiny creatures wiggling, darting and shimmying about”

The eye shapes in the liner are shallow viewing trays. It’s where you have the best view of the really tiny creatures. Kneel down and hold the bars. Get as close as you can and you will see them squirming, crawling and shooting about!

There are lots of different types of animals and plants that need different homes in different places. The different depths and shapes give them all somewhere to live and interact with each other.

You can go pond dipping. The head part can unlock and open. It swivels out of the way, to rest on the body. You can also get your nets in between the bars if you want to. Clear plastic cups are even better than nets because you can see the creatures moving naturally and you can see all the really tiny creatures.

There are lots of interesting things to watch and learn about so you can visit the pond in all sorts of lessons, not just in science!

Why teachers love the Bugzone

The Bugzone is an ideal focal point for your outdoor space. In no time at all, your Bugzone pond will be teeming with life and a thriving habitat. Your pupils will be engaged and it’s easy for teachers to use, resulting in quality learning experiences for everyone.

The Bugzone is brilliant for supporting science and horticulture in the curriculum. Awesome free downloadable curriculum guides have been specially written for us. They contain lots of ideas for using the pond across every subject with each key stage.

Possibilities for interesting projects are endless. Projects for Gifted and Talented pupils, a focus for non-conventional educations, intervention projects and more. Keep your pupils busy with ongoing projects to enhance your wildlife area. Amphibian hotels, piles of decomposing matter, connecting the pond to a rainwater butt, making a hide, making imaginary nests, using carpet off-cuts as regular viewing spots. These are just a few examples that children will love and be able to see quick results that work!

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Useful to know...

The Bugzone is safe, accessible and simple to look after. It is a wildlife pond designed for clear visibility of plants and animals, diverse habitat development and easy maintenance. No knowledge of pond keeping is needed and installation is straight forward.

It complies with our FMEA risk analysis ensuring complete safety. The safety cover is fixed to the pond liner with marine grade, tamper proof bolts. The access section is padlocked securely closed.

The Bugzone is a quality long lasting product. The safety cover is made from galvanised and powder coated steel. The pond is made from UV stabilised fibreglass. So it will last for over 30 years!

It’s big enough to be a home for lots and lots of creatures and small enough for you to look after, year after year. The pond is 65cm deep, 2.4m long and 1.5m wide. The cover is 40cm high. The depth keeps the bottom of the pond at a regular temperature. This is crucial for a healthy, diverse habitat.

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