Access for Maintenance

Our covers have easy, secure access so you can reach every part of your pond. When the access sections are closed they are locked in place so they cannot be moved. Fountains, waterfalls, pond tubing, levelling tanks, spotlights, and electrical cables are all taken into account so they can be easily reached and maintained throughout the seasons. Taller plants are catered for in the designs, allowing sections to be opened and closed without flattening them.

Removable sections for access are part of the design and not obvious until opened. We recommend padlocks for the sections which will be accessed most regularly and cable ties for those accessed annually.  Both need to be checked at least annually for deterioration.  When the padlocks or cable ties are removed, the sections are easy to take out and replace.

Large access panels on our medium and large sized pond covers have different opening mechanisms. For example a medium sized cover may have several swivelling sections so the owners don’t have to lean over the pond to lift them. The simple moving parts are maintenance free, will not rust and don’t need to be oiled (this would damage the pond habitat).


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