Bring your pond to life ...keep it thriving and take the excitement into your class room!

We can supply everything you need to create a healthy, thriving habitat and to study pond life. The kits simplify setting up and looking after your pond, so even if you don't have any prior knowledge of ponds you can have a fantastic pond habitat, full of life.

All kits are supplied with comprehensive, easy to understand instructions and advice on how to develop and maintain your pond habitat, please contact us for more details.

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Plant kit

Mostly native plants (just the right selection for a school), chosen to create a healthy habitat with clear water and to create the right habitats for the creatures that you want to encourage. Includes oxygenating, surface cover, emergent, rafting and emergent plants. Pack depends on time of year. We can deliver all year round except for icy or snowy conditions.

Technology kit

Include technology with your pond project for the best way to study your pond and its visitors at the pond and in class. Includes CCTV cameras x3 with night vision and motion sensor, handheld microscopes x 4, class microscopes x2, time lapse camera and everything needed to connect to your laptop and whiteboard.

Dipping kit

Traditional dipping items including fine nets, magnifiers, trays, identification sheets, plastic spoons etc.

Winter kit

Winter can be disastrous for your pond. Our winter kit provides everything you need to ensure a thriving habitat throughout the harshest time of the year. Includes an easy throw over, hemmed autumn leaf net, floating plastic balls, pond heater (to keep a small area of the surface ice free for gaseous exchange) and a snow hoe.


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